Our Product

Travel Paas™

Not Just an Airline Booking Engine

It is a platform for integrating the best products and services for creating the best airline user experience.

Travel Paas empowers airlines to provide a digital experience that’s cohesive and intuitive across all channels and throughout all phases of travel.



A responsive application allows a user to view the experience through a multitude of screens and devices, reducing airline costs and improving the overall Customer Experience.

On top of Travel Paas, Travelaer creates products and modules that airlines can pick and choose from to create their own flexible, custom user experience.

Travelaer weaves the “best of breed” products and services into our Travel Paas platform to create a seamless, next generation airline user experience. Combining content and community elements with commerce helps increase loyalty and drive sales.

Travel Paas Architecture

Search & Shop

Booking Engine for Air with optimized and customizable UX flows

Search & Shop™ is Travelaer’s fully customizable and dynamic internet booking engine for air and ancillaries shopping. Search & Shop™ interfaces with your PSS (Amadeus, Sabre, Radixx), providing real-time availability, booking information, and many other features.



Pricing Engine for Air and Ancillaries

InstaPricer™ is Travelaer’s own merchandising product for airlines offering a flexible and comprehensive airfare and ancillaries shopping solution. InstaPricer™ calculates price and availability for every possible combination of air and ancillary products. InstaPricer™ relies on pricing data from Vayant and Google ITA and availability from your PSS to give airline customers an alternative to Amadeus’s Flexpricer product.

  • Car & Hotel

    In-Path Car & Hotel

    Integration of external hotel and car providers via advanced APIs.

    Ability to add hotel and car products during air booking – “in-path.”

    Ability for Customers to book hotel and car without leaving air website.

  • Stopover


    Upon origin and destination selection, the Smart Search Widget suggests stopover in host country.

    User can choose to stopover on outbound and/or on return trip, and the duration of the stay, up to seven days.

    The dynamic map displays the relative distances between destinations and the host country.

  • Co Pilot


    Travelaer Management tool for Travel Paas including content and site management for all text displayed in the UI and for translations.

    Creation, modification or deletion of User accounts, aircraft, airports, cities, countries, routes, URLs, office IDs, tracking tags, booking and booking fee.

  • Bubble

    Customer Concierge™

    Customer Concierge is Travelaer’s trip management system. It allows airline Customers to manage all of their travel itineraries in one spot, including flight schedule, hotel, car, and activities. Customer Concierge™ also enables constant communication with the traveler along its journey via email, SMS or mobile apps.

  • Multi-City


    Multi-city flight selection, with dynamic pricing. With open jaw and account bar display, search criteria is available throughout the entire booking flow.

  • Fingerprint

    Tailored Trip

    Tailored Trip is Travelaer’s ancillaries solution, offering a complete catalog of ancillary services, both from the airline and from external providers, as well as accessibility options. To improve conversion Travelaer offers various integration options, from a simple link to an external web site up to a fully inclusive experience with search and booking from within the booking engine. The dynamic bundling of ancillaries is another

Manage Trip

Manage Trip is Travelaer’s solution to give the Traveler the power to modify or add their ancillary services online (as specified by the airline). Can be accessed right from the confirmation page or from the account bar, using last name and PNR. All Ancillaries available in the booking flow are available except insurance. Also offers the possibility to add APIS details, and a form to send billing receipt. Any changes or returns may incur in extra costs or fees, according to airline policy.

13 RZO COnfirmation default17 RZO Manage Trip Retrival

Award Booking

For flight fare and optionally for ancillaries.

Two solutions for ATPCO filing or Revenue Fares conversion:

  • By the Airlines via ATPCO and retrieval of the pricing in miles via Vayant or google QPX
  • Conversion of Revenue Fares to award points with intelligent and variable conversion ratios. This solution eliminates the need to file regular Award fares to ATPCO.


With all the capabilities and steps of the regular booking flow: selection on home the page with single login.

Cash & Points

Integrated to the regular booking flow. Cash & Points Slider allows payment part in cash, part in points.


Travel Paas Gets Results

Travelaer’s Customer centric approach to digital experiences have led to skyrocketing conversion rates for airlines utilizing our Travel Paas product.

  • With Travelaer’s extensive knowledge of core technology systems, their tremendous understanding of business processes for the travel industry, and their extensive UX and digital knowledge, you will get, just like we did, much more than you expect.
    Karin TzadokEL AL Israel Airlines
  • Overall conversion rate increased 60%
  • Desktop conversions increased by 50%
  • Mobile conversion rate increased by 200%
  • Tablet conversion rate increased by 65%

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