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More than just bots

Building bots is easy. Building a platform that can seamlessly assist the Customer via messaging through all phases of travel – not so much.

Comversational is more than just a bot, it’s an enterprise conversational platform that allows travel companies to extend their digital experience where their Customers already spend most of their time – on messaging.

Our SaaS platform helps companies deliver customer self-service, conversational commerce and new solutions for disruption via major messaging applications, including Facebook, SMS, Skype, Intercomm and more.


Comversational Product Modules

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  • Customer Care
    • Decrease call center volume
    • Access to self-service help to answer frequently asked questions
    • Bot to human routing capabilities are built-in, either via message or click to call
    • Automate common workflows. Resolve frequent requests and provide self-service through automation
      • Preconfigured travel industry library of conversations and flows
      • Integration with social media listening and monitoring tools
  • Commerce
    • Guided and natural-language travel-product selection and purchase
    • New reservations and bookings
    • Manage Trip feature for travel extras
    • Reuse Facebook profile data to prefill traveler contact information
    • Easy and secure payment within Facebook messenger or existing payment provider solutions
    • 9 currencies for easy global purchasing
  • Concierge
    • An always-on connection, proactively offer help whenever your Customers need it
    • Proactive messaging based on location and phase of travel
    • Provide rich content with photos, video, and links
    • Integration with TripAdvisor and other 3rd party recommendation content
    • Up to 45 languages
  • Passes, Tickets & Receipts
    • Send travel itineraries and purchases from website or app to Messenger
    • Issue boarding passes, event and resort tickets, with scannable features
    • On demand request for travel documents
    • Sharing of travel itineraries and documents with friends and family
  • Alerts & Notifications
    • Reminders for online check in
    • Itineraries for organization and convenience
    • Resort and weather conditions on demand and by subscription
    • Flight notifications on demand and by subscription
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell
    • Send targeted upsell and cross-sell based on previous purchases and preferences
    • Facebook advertising directly to purchase within Messenger
    • Last minute upgrades for Customers who have connected accounts to Messenger
    • Integration with third party merchandising and ancillary solutions via API
  • Disruption
    • Claim forms for lost, damaged luggage can be automated
    • Notifications and assistance for flight delays and cancellations
    • Click to call available agents
    • Fast track: skip lines by pre-filling out and sending claims and other documentation
    • Issuing of vouchers and instructions for cancellations

The Comversational Dashboard

  • Understand the interactions between your customers and your bot
  • Learn user behaviors to improve your bot
  • Insights to increase user engagement
  • Travelaer are a breath of fresh air. They have helped us accomplish goals we thought we could only dream of. With their agile teams and clear focus on the user experience, Travelaer are bringing simplicity and elevated customer experience to the airline IT business.
    Guðmundur OskarssonAir Iceland

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