The digital Product Company for the travel industry

Since 2013, we’ve been building digital products for the travel industry that enable our partners to improve their customer experience and increase revenue across all phases of travel by weaving content, community, and commerce into the travel experience.

Our core products are Travel Paas, an Internet Booking Engine that allows aggregation of products and data while enabling “best of breed” offering and Innovation, and Comversational, an enterprise conversational platform that allows travel companies to extend their digital experience where their Customers already spend most of their time – on messaging.


We hail from 17 countries and speak 20 languages

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We are all travelaers

We don’t wear ties and we don’t have a sprawling campus. In our boardroom you can wear jeans and flip flops, but you might feel over dressed. We know the people we work with, their families, and their dogs and they can reach us at anytime via Skype, Facebook messenger or SMS.

We love what we do. It’s why we work tirelessly and fight hard for what we believe- making the travel industry greater than it is. We keep it real

  • Rebecca

    French Riviera tip: Have a relaxing day at Hélios Beach in Juan-les-Pins. Enjoy a mojito in their lounge before going to dinner at the cutest crêperie right in the center. Then dance all night at the Zapata Latino Bar!

  • Vlad

    What you want to be when you grow up: world chess champion

  • Stephen

    Favourite Vacation Spot: Thailand

  • Carme

    Travel innovation idea: travel without luggage—rent clothes and other items to avoid having to carry everything back and forth

  • Stephen

    Place you want to visit, but haven’t yet: Crete

  • Eric

    What you want to be when you grow up?: video game developer and designer

  • Travelaer are a breath of fresh air. They have helped us accomplish goals we thought we could only dream of. With their agile teams and clear focus on the user experience, Travelaer are bringing simplicity and elevated customer experience to the airline IT business.
    Guðmundur OskarssonAir Iceland
  • At our first meeting with Travelaer, the first question they asked us was: “What do you want?” We looked at each other and then asked them to repeat the question. Were they really asking us what we wanted instead of telling us what we could or couldn't do, which had been our experience with previous partners.
    Ingibjörg Ásdís RagnarsdóttirIcelandair
  • Even though Travelaer has been deeply engaged in travel industry digital and Customer experience projects for many years now, they always manage to remain fresh and innovative, constantly applying creativity to their existing arsenal of professional knowledge and digital products.
    Karin TzadokEL AL Israel Airlines

Available Positions

Travelaer is hiring for a number of development positions ASAP. If you can start working in the next weeks or month, we are willing to hire for remote work. Please contact us if you are interested.


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