• Do Airlines Respond to Customers on Facebook Messenger? (Infographic)

    In July of 2016, Travelaer contacted 59 airlines across the world through Facebook Messenger and ask a simple question: Can you help me book a flight?

    The infographic below contains the findings from our research:

    Do Airlines Respond to Customers on Facebook Messenger?

    Summary of findings:

    • A majority of the worlds largest airlines (American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, Etihad, Qatar, Air Canada, Lufthansa, ANA, etc) do not respond to Customers on Facebook Messenger- at all.
    • Most airlines are not equipped organizationally or technically to help Customers book flights via Facebook Messenger, offering only basic links to websites and phone numbers for traditional agents to help.
    • Only 17% of the airlines we contacted could provide booking assistance through FB Messenger: Air Dolomiti, Transavia, KLM, LATAM, and Icelandair.
    • 44% of the airlines we contacted via Facebook Messenger responded in under one hour, but did so with very generic responses that could have been answered by a FB Messenger Bot immediately.
    • Only two airlines were utilizing FB Messenger Bots at the time of our research: Icelandair and KLM.
    • After initial conversations had taken place with airlines, impressively Cathay Pacific, KLM, LATAM, and Transavia got back in touch to see if there was anything else they could help us with.
    • Even though United Airlines and Aer Lingus could not help us book a flight via FB Messenger, their FB representatives were very personable and answered numerous questions with answers that were unique and customized to our conversations.

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